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Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
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Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
                                    What is the Florida adoption reunion registry?
                                    The Florida adoption reunion registry is a confidential cross reference
                                    file of people who are or were the principal parties in an adoption. Certain close
                                    relatives also may be included. All people in the Registry have indicated they wish to
                                    make their identities know to other parties in the adoption.
                                    HOW DOES IT WORK?
                                    Those eligible to register may provide identifying information- current name,
                                    address and telephone number- and authorize it's release. The Registry will
                                    match and disclose information to individuals who have authorized release of
                                    information to one another
                                    WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER? 
                                    Adult adopted persona who are 18 or older, adoptive parents, biological parents,
                                    biological siblings and biological grandparents may file identifying information. 
                                    A minor adopted persona may be registered by his or her adoptive parents..
                                    When filing information, applicants must specify to who they wish to release information..
                                    Minor applicants adoptive parents may supply information and authorize its release to any
                                    or all of the following: Biological parents, Biological siblings Biological grandparents.
                                    Similarly, biological parents, siblings, or grandparents may supply information to release
                                    to the adult adopted persons and /or adoptive parents.
                                    HOW DOES ONE REGISTER? 
                                    Application forms may be obtained from:
                                    FLORIDA ADOPTION REUNION REGISTRY 
                                    HRS CHILDREN AND FAMILIES PROGRAM OFFICE 
                                    1317 WINEWOOD BLVD TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 32399-0700 
                                    IS THERE A FEE? 
                                    An initial filing fee of $35.00 is required and should be submitted with the application form.
                                     If a hardship exists and the applicant is unable to pay the fee, they should request a waiver
                                     of the fee in writing. The fee may be waived with proper documentation of the hardship,
                                     such as proof of eligibility for food stamps, public assistance, unemployment benefits or SSI benefits.

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