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The FL/NY Adoption Highway-The Facts
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- If you are born in Florida and your adoption was finalized in another state (such as NY or any other state), The only thing that Florida will have is a record of your birth (which the original record is sealed)

- Your adoption records are in the State of NY (the court of finalization)

- The state of Florida will not have the adoption records nor will they have been the ones to interview the birthmother)

I know this is all confusing and aggravating but Florida will be the ones to have your Original Birth Certificate (which is sealed). The only way that you can get this is AFTER you find birthfamily and then only if you have signed affidavits of all parties (such as birth mother, and adoptive parents signatures).

Note: The state of Florida will only have a record of your Original Birth certificate and Amended birth certificate if all the rules were followed by the other state of adoption. (In other words, Only if the State of NY provided this to Florida.) You will know this if you have an amended Birth certificate from the state of Florida (with your adopted name on it and your adoptive parents names on it). If you have this then The state your adoption was in followed up with the state of Florida.

We do know that the state of NY does not want to help adoptees when you were born in another state.

Your adoptive Parents are your best source of information when it comes to who, what, when, where and how. Your adoptive Parents should have a copy of the NY court final adoptive decree and a copy of the Petition to adopt. The reason, that we recommend that you try to get this from them is because most of the attorneys that handled these adoptions will not help you. They are the ones that had the information not the state. They would be the only ones that have any non-identifying information for you.

MULTI-STATE Adoptions are very different.

Every adoption is unique in it's own way.

I would recommend that each and every one of you register with FARR and with ISSR. In addition to this, I would also write to vital stats and obtain your county and state of finalization.

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