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Lost In September FL2NYSEARCH

Be sure to register every where you can and keep a notebook with where you've registered so you can add or change info to your registration later if necessary.  Keep track of people you have spoken to and jot down even the smallest details of your search.  I stress registering wherever you can online and off (especially with FARR-Florida Adoption Reunion registry and ISRR) because you NEVER know if you one you are searching for is on a particular registry!  There are cases where the person you are looking for is on one registry but not on others.
**NOTE** Please try to keep the same email address you registered with or make sure you update your registrations with your new email address if you had to change it. There are many registrations with invalid email addresses and this makes locating the registrant very difficult. You can also obtain a free email account with Yahoo!, and many others and use that email address just for your adoption search.

Florida Adoption Reunion Registry

ISRR (International Soundex Reunion Registry) Huge National Registry and FREE!

Finding In Florida Registry

Florida Online Family Finders (Registry & Resources)

Torn Asunder Registry & Search Source (Florida specific)

Children Of Hope - Registry ONLY for adoptions handled by Helen Tanos Hope

Cole Baby Registry-Adoptions handled by Katherine Cole

Eyes Wide Open Florida Registry Form

Reunion (National by DOB & State registry) (National & by state)

The Seeker (National Registry)

Adoption Records Database (National & several ways to search their databases)

Adoptee & Birthfamily Connections

Find Me (National by DOB registry)

World Wide Registry (National DOB Registry)

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